GQ recommends Thomas Clipper for one of the best shaves of 2020

We promised the best shave in history... GQ reckons our Anniversary Shave Set is one of the best shaves of today!

What a happy blast from the past. Back in 2015 when Matt and I launched our Kickstarter campaign for our beautiful, hand-turned in Leicester, shaving brushes we promised we'd made in the "best shave in history"...

A few years later, and with a few more brilliant shaving bowls and brushes on offer, GQ describes our Anniversary Set as "a one-stop shop to experiencing the ultimate at-home wet shave and is aesthetically very pleasing".

If you're looking for one of the "best shaving brushes for a closer, more comfortable shave", you need look no further.

Thank you, kindly, GQ!

GQ review of Anniversary Shaving Oak Set

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