Square Mile "...that’s perhaps the joy of this fragrance. It’s not an obvious one-note summer scent."

Just in time for the good weather, we've just been tipped off about a fantastic review by our friends at the London staple, Square Mile. They've given the nod to Atlantic, our newest scent for men.


The men's fragrance 'Atlantic' by Thomas Clipper reviewed in Square Mile

Pointing out some of the pitfalls of the classic 'summer' fragrance, the team write that

"The trouble with certain summer scents is they are simply too lightweight to tell their story over any length of time – like a cool breeze on a hot day, they seem to disappear all too quickly. Not so with Atlantic."

Instead Square Mile describe Atlantic as 'a carefully considered scent from a very charming independent brand", the review - which you can find here in full - applauds the scent's depth.

"It has more going on than just a spritz of citrus to accompany your evening gin and tonic."

Men's fragrance - Atlantic - from Thomas Clipper

We originally designed Atlantic to evoke the feel of summer, but we worked hard to balance that freshness and bring a bit more depth to proceedings. It's great to read that this extra work has been appreciated. Thanks to the Square Mile team!

Atlantic is available direct from Thomas Clipper at this link.