6ml Unite Trio - Discovery Set

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"Shake up your scent routine" - British GQ

Discover the world's first premium blending fragrance set. A trio of 2ml premium men's aftershave vials. Developed in Grasse, France. Made in Lincolnshire, Britain. Designed to be combined on your skin to create new combinations.

  • Three 2ml vials of eau de toilette
  • Blending the colognes creates new, unique scents
  • Presentation sample vial


Eau de colognes developed in the home of fragrance: Grasse, France. Made and bottled in Boston, Lincolnshire. Organic alcohol and vegan-friendly.

Subtle and sophisticated when used alone. Combine them to discover incredible combinations. Your perfect scent is waiting to be discovered..


  • Spray each eau de toilette on your neck, wrists and wherever you wear your cologne
  • Discover your perfect blend by mixing the fragrances on your skin in different combinations
  • One spray of City, two sprays of Coast for a summer's morning. Two sprays of Country with one spray of City for an evening meal
  • City elevates with its timeless blend of aromatic notes. Coast adds a refreshing, sophisticated and sporty lightness. Country adds depth and complexity from its vetiver and saffron notes
  • Each scent can be worn individually, or blended together to create your own unique fragrance


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