New Luxury Men's Essentials - Your Morning Ritual, Upgraded

New Luxury Men's Essentials - Your Morning Ritual, Upgraded

At Thomas Clipper, we’ve been working hard on our range to help you improve your morning ritual. With exceptional shaving gear, the perfect fragrances and a new line of soaps, we’ve been working to make men’s mornings better for over half a decade.

Thomas Clipper luxury morning essentials for men

So it should be no surprise to our regular customers that we’ve taken the next step and added a premium toothpaste to our ‘essentials’ lineup. Introducing Marvis, imported directly from Florence, Italy.

Marvis toothpaste from Thomas Clipper

Marvis is, in our humble opinion, the world’s most stylish toothpaste. It’s flavoured with unmistakable 'piperita' mint, starting off your day with a taste of the dolce vita (as well as sparkling fresh teeth).

Our latest addition to your morning is available from today, giving you the perfect excuse to complete your breakfast routine with a cappuccino, croissant, and Marvis Classic Strong Mint toothpaste. Bravo!

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