Mountain Body Scrub and Soap from Thomas Clipper featuring Organic Ingredients

Luxury Soap & Body Scrub - Launching Today

Rough & Smooth Scented Soap and Body Scrub

Thomas Clipper is proud to present the 'Mountain' Capsule Collection, inspired by our iconic fragrance of the same name. The first products to drop are two complimentary luxury scented men's soaps: the Mountain Body Scrub Bar and Mountain Soap.

The 'Rough' part of the title refers to the body scrub bar, which features satisfying natural Italian pumice to exfoliate after even the toughest day. The 'Smooth' is for the soap, which is a sensitive cleansing bar to leave you feeling relaxed and calm. Both are handmade in the UK with a luxury organic base and scented with our signature 'Mountain' fragrance.

Mountain Body Scrub and Soap from Thomas Clipper

Available  as individual bars, and in a beautiful Rough And Smooth set.


Keep Clean. Smell Fantastic.

Developed in Grasse, France - the home of fragrance - by Thomas Clipper. After a day exploring the peaks, ‘Mountain’ prepares you for an evening relaxing into a red wine by a roaring cabin fire. Rugged and refined, Vetiver, guaiac and cedarwood provide a seriously smokey base with zingy bergamot and aromatic spices, bringing freshness and balance.

Inspired by adventure: Thomas Clipper Mountain Capsule Collection 

Handmade In England

We've selected organic ingredients for our soap base to perfectly match men’s skincare needs. In the body scrub, natural exfoliation is provided from Italian volcanic pumice. This creates a rugged experience balancing perfectly with the sophisticated scent.

Mountain Body Scrub and Soap Bar from Thomas Clipper The Rough and Smooth Set, out today from Thomas Clipper

Solid Cleaning Is Better

We know that many people use shower gels, but you might be aware that solid skincare - which includes soaps and solid body scrubs like ours - is on the rise. Solid products (instead of liquid gels etc.) perform better with less water or waste, and use far less CO2 in production. All in, a study carried out by the Institute of Environmental Engineering in Zurich suggests that solid skincare has around ten times less environmental impact.

Luxury body soap and exfoliating scrub from Thomas Clipper

Let that sink in: ten times less impact. Golly. We actually emailed the authors of the study to make sure we'd understood correctly, and a representative sent us a copy of the study with the following statement:

"According to figure 2c ... the statement of „factor 10“ (approx.) is confirmed."

Well that's that settled. We love Swiss accuracy!

Thomas Clipper in Switzerland

The Swiss know a lot about sustainability, and mountains...

In honesty, we did consider a gel based product. But after testing gels vs solid skincare, the latter won out. So with better performance and far more impressive sustainability credentials, the switch to solid was clear.

Add in the plastic-free packaging and 100% natural exfoliator and you've got a solid soap that's supporting artisans, supporting sustainable production and all the while keeping you clean and smelling fantastic.

Luxury Premium Men's Handmade in UK Soap and Body Scrub

Buy Direct Today

The Rough And Smooth set is available from today, with individual bars also available on the Thomas Clipper website - visit here for the Body Scrub Bar and here for the Luxury Handmade Soap.

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