What does Polaris from Thomas Clipper smell like?

What does Polaris from Thomas Clipper smell like?

Polaris is a warming masculine fragrance. Woody amber base and smooth top notes exude calm and peace, while its heart brings a modern marine twist.

But a small-batch British fragrance from Thomas Clipper is always about more than the sum of its parts, and Polaris is no different...

What inspires Polaris?

Finding calm and direction is important - all the more so in these unusual times. So the team at Thomas Clipper created Polaris to try to spark a sense of tranquility, using warming and comforting notes paired with a playful marine twist.

"There's something about it - the blend of the woody, the natural, the mossy that really seems to suit me. I just like that strength." - David Evans, 'The Grey Fox' men's fashion and grooming blog

But calm is nothing without a sense of adventure, and that played out in the launch of the newest men's cologne from the London-based team. Polaris is actually the first small-batch UK aftershave to be launched into space. It inspires balance while embracing discovery.


"This definitely lives in its own world and it's doing something very special." -Haydn Williams, mens fragrance critic


But what does Polaris actually smell like?

Calm and adventure, perfectly balanced. Look out for the following notes in Polaris' scent pyramid:

Top: soothing lemon, subtle pink pepper, a hint of rum and cinnamon

Heart: marine notes, clary sage and almond

Base: grounding tonka bean, moss, benzoin and woody ambers. 


All that said: it's hard to judge a fragrance on notes and pyramids - sometimes it's easier to connect with how the scent makes you feel. So for that reason, we'll leave the last word to fragrance writer Nick Carvell:


"It's warm and it's rich ... to be honest it's come at a really great time now that we're able to go out in evening a bit more and go back to that social life that we knew a few years ago. It feels like a lovely way to ease back into that." - Nick Carvell, mens fragrance critic


Polaris is available online now. Get it here direct from Thomas Clipper.

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