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Mountain Luxury Body Scrub Bar

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"As someone who works in designer luggage, I appreciate any product that you can pop into your suitcase and take with you places, without fear of leaking, immensely!

A McLoughlin

Sourcing: organic ingredients help this premium exfoliating soap to perfectly match men’s skincare needs. Natural Italian volcanic pumice gives a rugged experience balancing perfectly with the sophisticated scent, creating a perfect premium body scrub. Made in England, each bar is 225g for a longer lasting luxury experience.

Scent: after a day exploring the peaks, ‘Mountain’ prepares you for an evening relaxing into a red wine by a roaring cabin fire. Rugged and refined, Vetiver, guaiac and cedarwood provide a seriously smokey base with zingy bergamot and aromatic spices, bringing freshness and balance. 'Mountain' has been selected as one of GQ's favourite men's fragrances in 2019 and 2020.

Solid: solid skincare is on the rise. Solid products (instead of liquid gels etc.) perform better, plus they make for ten times less environmental impact (source: Institute of Environmental Engineering, Zurich). Plastic-free packaging and 100% natural exfoliator. Supporting artisans, each soap is hand poured in the UK in runs of just 5 soaps at a time. Made by people, not machines.

A powerful exfoliating experience from Thomas Clipper

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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A Small Team, Making Waves

Thomas Clipper is a team of four based in London. We create modern classics for men.

Our fragrances and shaving goods are handmade in England, and we use organic raw materials whenever possible - including in our soaps and colognes.

Customers like you have supported us from day one, crowdfunding almost our entire range of products and supporting the business every step of the way. We couldn't do it without you.

  • Handmade shaving bowls from sustainably sourced chestnut

    Sustainable Manufacturing

    We make things: that means we have an impact. But since day one we've been working to reduce our footprint and make better things.

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