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Heritage 1710AD Shave Brush

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Traditional Shave Brush - Handmade In The UK

"The best new grooming products for men"

The Telegraph

Timber from a naturally felled 300-year-old British chestnut. Its heritage and style make it the perfect morning indulgence. Made in Britain. Vegan friendly.

"... a 305-year-old giant will be used to make the ‘Heritage Shaving Set’ until its timber runs out, at which point production of the collection will cease as well."

Wallpaper Magazine 

  • Handmade in Britain by Richard from 300-year-old British chestnut, sustainably sourced from the Boughton estate near Kettering
  • Premium, badger-friendly, synthetic bristles - vegan friendly, exceptional performance

A Small Team, Making Waves

Thomas Clipper is a team of four based in London. We create modern classics for men.

Our fragrances and shaving goods are handmade in England, and we use organic raw materials whenever possible - including in our soaps and colognes.

Customers like you have supported us from day one, crowdfunding almost our entire range of products and supporting the business every step of the way. We couldn't do it without you.

  • Handmade shaving bowls from sustainably sourced chestnut

    Sustainable Manufacturing

    We make things: that means we have an impact. But since day one we've been working to reduce our footprint and make better things.

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  • The Guardian review Thomas Clipper fragrances for men

    International Recognition

    From GQ to Monocle via The Guardian and The Telegraph, we've had our share of recommendations.

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