We've considered our impact since day 1. Here's how.

Our Commitment To Sustainability

Reducing Plastic & Waste

We work with artisans who make use of every last scrap of material.

Our British razors and Shark blades contain 0% plastic (compare that to your cartridge razor...). Every blade is recyclable.

Our handmade colognes feature FSC certified ash wood caps, instead of the cheaper plastic variety.

Better Raw Materials

Our colognes are made using 100% organic alcohol, using 0 animal products: they are never tested on animals.

We source sustainable (FSC certified or naturally felled in storms) British wood, organic oils, vegetable-tanned leather, and synthetic options where there aren’t responsibly sourced natural alternatives (for example in our shave brush).

In our Italian leather line we ensure welfare and reduce rainforest depletion by sourcing only EU hides.

Timeless Design

As a company that makes things, the most important role we can have is in creating products that are meant to be handed down. After all, your son deserves a better morning too.

We make from better materials, close to home where possible. But most of all we make products that are built to last.

Working To Make Things Better

From donating 10% of our cologne profits to Medecins Sans Frontiers in 2018 to planting a tree for every product sold on our site during the Climate Strike in 2019, we're working hard to make things better - not just limit our damage.