Featured today in The Observer and The Guardian

Featured today in The Observer and The Guardian

We're happy to report that Thomas Clipper was featured in The Observer by fragrance expert and journalist Nick Carvell.

Thomas Clipper featured in The Observer

In an article that couldn't come at a better time for those of us enjoying working from home, Nick quotes Matt - a co-founder of the brand - talking through how Thomas Clipper's 'UNITE' Cologne Collection came about.

"We don’t believe in being told what to do. We think life’s more interesting when you’re constantly discovering, not just following,” says Matt Brown, co-founder of British grooming company Thomas Clipper, whose range of four “Unite” fragrances (City, Country, Coast and Mountain) were designed specifically to wear both together and separately, recreating the feel of the areas of the UK they’ve been inspired by."


Nick Carvell writing in The Guardian and The Observer

“We wanted to make scents that developed in their own right,” he continues. “Only once the prototype fragrances had passed that test did we consider them for layering. That way, the promise of our fragrances is that you can be completely new to blending and still come up with something that smells great every time.”

As a special bonus for keen eyed Thomas Clipper fans, Nick was pictured in the article at home with our 'Mountain' fragrance on proud display.

For those of you who missed it in print, the article is reproduced on The Guardian's website here.

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