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  • Tips For Taking Care Of Handmade Wooden Shaving Products

    Richard is our master woodturner and ensures that all of our brushes and bowls are treated for use in your bathroom. But there are still a couple tips that can help you keep your luxury shaving bowl in top condition for years to come.
  • The Independent reviews our Minimalist Leather Card Holder

    The Independent recommends Thomas Clipper's Italian-made 'Minimalist Leather Card Holder' as one of the best men's wallets this year.
  • Thomas Clipper's Coast - "one of the best men's summer fragrances"

    Thomas Clipper's Coast featured as "one of the best men's summer fragrances." We thoroughly agree. Find out more...
  • GQ recommends Thomas Clipper for one of the best shaves of 2020

    GQ describes our Anniversary Oak Shaving Set as "a one-stop shop to experiencing the ultimate at-home wet shave and is aesthetically very pleasing".
  • Video: How to personalise and blend your cologne

    We believe blending your morning cologne should as important as choosing your morning's outfit. Here's why.

  • Reason to be cheerful: GQ Best Men's Fragrances - unprecedented hat-trick is complete

    A Thomas Clipper fragrance has once again been recognised as one of the best in the world by GQ. That's 2020, 2019, and 2018 - a hat-trick!
  • Staying Healthy From Home

    Thomas Clipper works as a team dispersed from Northern Italy to London. As with everyone else we've been hit hard by the pandemic, but as we've been working remotely from home for many years now we wanted to share some tips.
  • The scent pyramid: what are top, heart and base notes?

    Demystifying the scent and fragrance pyramid. Understand the essentials behind top, heart and base notes.


  • Mountain: Our Collaboration With Supermundane

    Developed in France and handmade in England, Mountain is a collaboration between Thomas Clipper and Supermundane, the London design icon. Fantastic alone, it's also designed to blend with City, Coast and Country.
  • Is A Safety Razor Better?

    More precise, cleaner and better for sensitive skin - and that's before we mention the plastic saved in our all metal razors. In short safety razor shaving is better: here's why.
  • What Does Thomas Clipper - Coast - Smell Like?

    Coast is a bracing walk in the salty sunshine - a tribute to clean air, cold water and shallow light. This fragrance is inspired by the tree-lined shores of North Norfolk and the sheer cliffs near Grasse. 
  • What Does Thomas Clipper - Country - Smell Like?

    Country brings to mind long summer evenings spent with friends away from the hustle and bustle of the big smoke - possibly with a pint of something at a tumbledown pub somewhere.