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  • The Inspiration Behind Country from Thomas Clipper

    "Like stepping into a wild English garden at dawn, the morning after a violent storm."
  • Mountain Candle One "Of The Best Scented Candles For Men" (GRAZIA UK)

    The fantastic bunch at GRAZIA have recommended their favourite candles for men. We're delighted to say Thomas Clipper's luxury Mountain candle has made the cut.
  • Romance in 2021 - Smell Your Best

    The least a man can can do this year is make sure he smells his best. Fortunately for you (and, by no small coincidence, us) we have the perfect solution. Romance with free 2-3 day shipping in the UK? Read on...

  • The inspiration behind City by Thomas Clipper

    City is "...all a bit sexier by anchoring the lavender and grassy aromatic notes with warm wood and spices."
  • Cologne vs Aftershave vs Eau de Toilette vs Eau de Parfum... What's The Difference?

    Men's fragrance is a minefield when it comes to terminology. From scent pyramids to 'the nose' to eau de... let's simplify.
  • Mountain Scented Candles

    Mountain was inspired by a day exploring the peaks, followed by an evening relaxing into a red wine by a roaring hearth. So it makes sense it's now being brought to life through fire.
  • What does Thomas Clipper 'Mountain' smell like?

    After a day exploring the peaks, this fragrance prepares you for an evening relaxing into a red wine by a roaring cabin fire.

  • Grazia say Coast is one of the 'Best Men's Fragrances To Gift This Christmas'

    Grazia say coast is one of their top 20 gifts this Christmas - "It's a transportive fragrance - the salty, marine, bracing aromas give a real sense of escape."
  • Telegraph Features Thomas Clipper

    The Telegraph has revealed "10 of the best wet and electric razors, for your closest shave yet". Long time Thomas Clipper fans will not be surprised to hear that our trusty razors are featured.
  • New Luxury Men's Essentials - Your Morning Ritual, Upgraded

    Our latest addition to your morning is available from today, giving you the perfect excuse to complete your breakfast routine with a cappuccino, croissant, and Marvis Classic Strong Mint toothpaste. Bravo!
  • Featured today in The Observer and The Guardian

    Today Thomas Clipper was quoted in The Observer by fragrance expert and journalist Nick Carvell. Nick was pictured in the article at home with our 'Mountain' fragrance on proud display.

  • Luxury Soap & Body Scrub - Launching Today

    Thomas Clipper is proud to present our latest two products: luxury handmade soap and body scrub bars, available in a beautiful Rough And Smooth set. One exfoliating scrub, one cleansing soap, both fragranced with our award winning Mountain scent and hand poured in the UK.