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  • Shaving A Beard

    Movember is approaching. But how do you shave a beard or thick stubble? The answer is simpler than you think...
  • Mountain in Top 10 of GQ Men's Aftershave guide

    Mountain, the new fragrance collaboration between Thomas Clipper and London design icon Supermundane, has been chosen by British GQ as number 7 in this year's Best Men's Aftershaves And Fragrances 2019.
  • Taking The Leap

    Thinking about quitting the day job, moving to Paris and becoming a professional carpenter? One of our collaborators did just that...
  • Sustainable Aftershave - We're Not Perfect

    100% organic alcohol & no animal testing is a good start. But it's not perfect. Here's why we're OK with that.

  • Mountain Launches Today

    This autumn Thomas Clipper and Supermundane have joined forces to create a sophisticated and complex new aftershave for men.

  • Aftershave Builds Memories Forever

    Your favourite bakery. That special someone. Fresh coffee in the morning. Smells, scents, aroma. They take us to a magical place. They leave us w...
  • British GQ's Favourite Men's Fragrances 2019

    Thomas Clipper has been chosen as one of British GQ's favourite fragrances for men in 2019, for the second year running.
  • The Perfect Summer Cologne

    Does the perfect summer aftershave even exist?

  • Where to apply men's cologne

    At some point in every man's life he'll ask himself 'where should I apply my aftershave'. The good news? You're probably already getting it right.....
  • How to personalise and blend your cologne

    We believe blending your morning cologne should as important as choosing your morning's outfit. Here's why.

  • Wallpaper Magazine Are On The Scent

    Wallpaper*, the arbiter of taste in design and architecture, fashion, travel, art, and lifestyle, have included Thomas Clipper’s UNITE Cologne Collection at the top of their list of blending fragrances.
  • "Travel accessories with mileage" — Telegraph

    The latest coverage for our premium leather goods comes from The Telegraph in their online feature focusing on ‘the latest men’s style news’. They...