"It’s been a revelation" - Ernest Journal Reviews The Mark K Razor

"It’s been a revelation" - Ernest Journal Reviews The Mark K Razor

The fantastic Ernest Journal has penned a ringing endorsement of the benefits of double edge shaving in general and our flagship Mark K razor in particular.

Going into the history of the double edge shaving revival, the journal writes:

"The skills of traditional shaving died as the modern razor took over, pushed by marketing men who recognised that, by selling a cheap razor and tying you into buying very expensive blades, they ensure a good profit. But, in my experience, multiple blades require more passes to achieve a close cut and cost maybe ten times as much as a single-edged blade." - Ernest Journal

Thankfully somebody was paying attention. The author (the fantastic Grey Fox, for those that follow British blogging) goes on to talk about the struggles involved in learning to shave in a new way, and the advantages of pushing through...

"With a Thomas Clipper razor it may take you, as a novice, a week or two to acquire the skills (with maybe the odd nick in the process). After that time you will enjoy the experience, relishing the closeness of the cut." - Ernest Journal

In a final flourish, the Ernest Journal piece ends with a testament to the design of the Mark K.

"The Thomas Clipper Mark K razor has a beautifully-balanced handle and shape that allows a close shave with minimum effort. It’s been a revelation. Give it a go; like me, you may find that you look forward to each morning’s shave." - Ernest Journal


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