Wallpaper: "Thomas Clipper’s new grooming sets are in strong demand"

Wallpaper: "Thomas Clipper’s new grooming sets are in strong demand"

Thomas Clipper has been passionate about creating the perfect shave for men since we were founded in 2014. Wallpaper magazine put it this way:

"Matt Brown, founder of new men’s grooming company Thomas Clipper, is seemingly on a mission to achieve the world’s greatest shave."

Wallpaer feature Thomas Clipper shaving sets

We should mention that co-founder Antonio is equally passionate about achieving greatness in the world of debearding and stubble curation... But the point is, Thomas Clipper is trying to do things differently and Wallpaper are taking note.

The article calls out our Heritage Shaving Set specifically, available now on our website.

"The wooden shaving bowl is carved with coordinates pinpointing the exact location of the tree it came from (Boughton Estate in Northamptonshire, England for those who don’t have their GPS units on them)."

Heritage Shaving from Thomas Clipper

Thomas Clipper also get credit for the sustainability advantages of all-metal (and therefore all recyclable) shaving.

"The simple solution is found in using a high quality single-blade razor, moving away from the trend of plastic multi-blade razors that currently line our shelves (but also our bins)."

Thomas Clipper Double Edge Safety Razors

Read the full article in Wallpaper magazine, or online here. Thomas Clipper's full range of quality shaving goods is available here.

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