Blending or layering scent is a natural way to customise your cologne

Can you blend Thomas Clipper’s City, Coast and Country men’s fragrance?

Blending or layering - adding one scent on top of another - has been with us for centuries. Originally popular in Middle Eastern countries, specifically women would use deep, heavy notes such as musks - sometimes as creams - as a foundation upon which to add lighter layers of scent, such as floral notes.

Blending or layering scent is a natural way to customise your cologne

The complexity that you can get from layering - or as we prefer to call it, blending - scents is enchanting. When we first created City, Coast and Country - the Unite Trio - we had layering and blending very much in mind. We thought: if it works well for women, why can’t it for men?

At the risk of patting ourselves on the back (but here goes), it turns out we were onto something. Mintel - the leading research agency - praised our Unite collection for being the first men’s blending cologne collection.

The Unite Cologne Collection from Thomas Clipper is designed to be blended

We were excited by the opportunities this could afford any man. Essentially, blending colognes given you the power to be your own cologne mixologist. Country is designed as a beautiful, deeper base blend, with hearty, woody notes. City has a sweeter, lighter air and Coast is thoroughly refreshing. We chose complementary notes - particularly around the heart, or middle of the scent pyramid - so that the blends would tie together.

Blending gives you the tools to be the creator of your own bespoke scent. You don’t need to blend every time. City, Coast and Country are designed to also work beautifully on their own. So if you’re in a rush and you know what mood you’re in, just go for a solo spritz. But if you’ve got some time to enjoy and experiment then blend away.

Try it in our Discovery Set. You won’t regret it.

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