A Shake Up To Our Shaving Lineup

A Shake Up To Our Shaving Lineup

Exciting news: we're making the first major change to our shaving line since its inception.

We started out as a shaving company, but eagle-eyed Thomas Clipper fans may have noticed that our popular shaving bowls and brushes - handmade, cruelty free and generally the bees knees - have been unavailable on our website for a couple of weeks.

That's because we are making a fairly fundamental change to our soaps that we're really excited about. We've not altered our shave soap since launching it on Kickstarter many moons ago. But about a year ago our soap maker in Wells Next The Sea told us she was retiring. So we had to reassess.

Necessity is the mother of great shaving soaps, as they say. So we asked, why not combine our internationally recognised shaving expertise with our award winning fragrance line? Why not try to use organic raw materials and improve our product performance while we're at it? And hang about, could we do it ourselves - could we hand make our own soaps right here in Thomas Clipper HQ?

Writing it now, yes, it does seem a bit obvious.

Anyway, that's what we've been up to over the past 12 months. It's been a challenge, but we're going to be sharing something rather exciting in the coming weeks. Stay tuned...
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