The inspiration behind City by Thomas Clipper

The inspiration behind City by Thomas Clipper

We started the development of City as an ode to London. It had to reflect the city's style: magnetic, timeless, understated and confident.

"What Thomas Clipper has done with City is to make it all a bit sexier by anchoring the lavender and grassy aromatic notes with warm wood and spices."

Nick Carvell, journalist

London - inspiration behind Thomas Clipper's 'City' fragrance for men

Most of all we wanted City to project a modern and sensual masculinity, refined and sophisticated but unafraid to show some personality.

"I’ve not had the pleasure of smelling any scent quite like it on the market, which makes this so different and gives you confidence. Perfect for any occasion, especially date night."

Jack, customer review

Thomas Clipper leather goods modelled in London

Men's fragrance can often be pigeonholed into a one-dimensional territory, but at Thomas Clipper we think men deserve sophistication, complexity and balance.

After several rounds and refinements by our expert nose in Grasse, the style we settled on was a French classic, twisted. The final fragrance is blended in the UK with 100% organic alcohol.

Thomas Clipper - City is a men's fragrance with lavender notes

Expanding on the quote leading this blog, Nick Carvell notes:

"It’s a fougère - which are a group of scents originally designed for French royalty in the 17th century to evoke nature. Today it generally means a fresh, green scent with a decent hit of lavender."

The thing that sets City apart is that this classic lavender fragrance is grounded in more masculine notes, adding a level of sensuality to the scent. 

Thomas Clipper - City is grounded in masculine notes to add a sensual balance to this male fragrance

This balance of masculine sexuality with a modern sophistication is what makes City from Thomas Clipper so unique.

A fougère, made contemporary, magnetic and sophisticated, like the men who wear it.

Available now directly from Thomas Clipper.

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