Launching The Unite Cologne Collection

Launching The Unite Cologne Collection

The UNITE Cologne Collection is a step change in men's cologne. We believe that the real joy in life is in discovery. So each of our fragrances are designed to be blended together, letting each man create his own signature scent.

To help express this, we enlisted the help of the extremely talented Enzo Cilenti to put together a launch manifesto. 

Filmed on location (just down the road from where we make our shaving soaps) the piece brings to life the beautiful and at times unforgiving British coast, the wild open spaces in the countryside and of course the stark lines and ambition of the capital. This contrast reflects the three fragrances in the UNITE Cologne Collection: City, Coast and Country.

As well as speaking to the importance of forging your own path, our Fable Of The Sticks film is a testament to the value of unity in divided times. The soundtrack, performed by Jack Saunders and recorded by Nate Agenbroad, is the prelude of Bach's No. 1 G cello suite.

The music was chosen partly because it's a timeless yet constantly invigorating piece. This reflects the unassuming but deeply profound nature of the UNITE Cologne Collection's fragrances. But more than that, the final climax of the piece represents the power of a single thread combining with others to create something bigger.

You can learn more about the UNITE Cologne Collection here.

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