Romance in 2021 - Smell Your Best

Romance in 2021 - Smell Your Best

Your plans for a surprise Caribbean getaway have most likely been shelved for managing home schooling and, if you're lucky, a walk to a pub. Where you can stand outside and marvel at the architecture. Not exactly a dream date night.

"the least a man can can do is make sure he smells his best"

So the least a man can can do this year is make sure he smells his best. Fortunately for you (and, by no small coincidence, us) we have the perfect solution. Romance with free 2-3 day shipping in the UK? Read on...

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In our humble opinion all our aftershaves a look. And if you want to do just that, visit here to explore the whole range in our Discovery Set.

But to make things simple we've drilled down to two fragrances: City, designed to our most sensual scent and Coast, our most recommended by the publications that your other half reads (including two recent nods from Grazia).

City - A modern classic, featuring subtle lavender and tonka

City from Thomas Clipper

We started the development of City as an ode to London. It had to reflect the city's style: magnetic, timeless, understated and confident.

"What Thomas Clipper has done with City is to make it all a bit sexier by anchoring the lavender and grassy aromatic notes with warm wood and spices."

Nick Carvell, journalist


We think it's the perfect answer to the question of how to make things a little bit more interesting on a fairly unorthodox Valentine's day. Learn more and shop City here.

But it's not your only option. Enter Coast...

Coast - A clean and bright men's fragrance featuring mandarin, amber.

Coast from Thomas Clipper 

As we mentioned above, GRAZIA UK recently featured Coast in their guide to Valentine's fragrances for men (after already having given us the nod in their Christmas guide - thank you GRAZIA UK!).

Grazie article Thomas Clipper

In their own words, GRAZIA go on to say that Coast is:

"a transportive fragrance - the salty, marine, bracing aromas give a real sense of escape. There is a real green, outdoorsy opening, along with mandarin, and cardamom. The dry down reveals more of the musky, woody, violet and ambergris notes."


For more, read the whole GRAZIA article or shop Coast directly on our website here.


In summary: all is not lost

At this point it's fair to say we're all getting used to the new normal. And while we can't promise to make this year's Valentine's day as wonderful as your last trip to a Moroccan riad, or a Greek sailing holiday, or even just a glass of wine at a nice restaurant, we can do something.

At Thomas Clipper our mission this year is simple: to make sure the new normal smells fantastic. We hope you'll join us.

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