Staying Healthy From Home

Staying Healthy From Home

The Thomas Clipper team has been working remotely from home for many years now. Our top three tips for keeping healthy, explored in more detail below, are: Start & End The Day Properly, Take Real Breaks and Achieve Something New Every Day...


Start & End The Day Properly

It's important to bookend work life, all the more so when you're working from home. Every morning decide when the work day begins, and before then try not to look at your phone or devices.

Build up a schedule to start the day properly. Of course, for us that involves a nice shower and a shave. But it might be a jog (if you're still allowed outside) or an inside exercise routine. Whatever it is for you, make sure you commit to starting the day properly.

Equally important is how the day ends - and indeed, that it does end. With your office now at home it's increasingly tempting to finish 'one more thing' before switching off. For that reason it's vital that you set clear boundaries. For example after 6PM, the computer gets shut down, not to be opened up again until the next morning.


Starting the day properly is important

Take Real Breaks

Working from home often translates to 'working every minute of the day'. It's not healthy on your eyes, your back or your mental health.

Instead get up, walk around, make yourself a coffee and have a slice of delicious cake (see 'baking' below). If you can coordinate breaks with your partner, all the better. It's more of a break if you're having a chat about something non-work (and ideally non-pandemic...) related.

Relax into a proper break


Achieve Something New Every Day

When working from home the days have a tendency to blend together - you can find that a week goes by and you've done nothing but work. So it's important to plan small achievements every day. It doesn't need to be anything big, in fact small achievable goals are best.

Perhaps there's a novel you've been meaning to tackle: a chapter a day will feel satisfying by the end of the week (and for your next, we'd recommend Better World Books - not sponsored, we just think they're a good bunch).

Or maybe you've always wanted to bake? Working from home makes it possible to spend 5 minutes per hour tending to your sourdough bread, parathas or cakes, giving you a good excuse to look away from the screen and at the same time teaching you a new (delicious) skill.

We'd be remiss in not also suggesting learning the skill of classic shaving - not only is it deeply satisfying when learnt, but it gives you a moment at the start or end of the day to focus and relax.

Learning a new skill can be extremely satisfying

Whatever you choose to do, this is the time to be learning a new skill, focusing on yourself for a moment and consciously relaxing. We're going to get through this, stay at home and stay safe.

Matt, Antonio and the team

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