Taking The Leap

Taking The Leap

At Thomas Clipper we champion the bold and we're obsessed with the world's best craftsmanship. So working with Kim Jordan on our handmade British shaving line was a great fit.

Kim first collaborated with Thomas Clipper on our very first crowdfunding campaign to make the Mark In The Wood shaving set. Since then he's quit the day job, moved to Paris and become a professional carpenter (and continued Thomas Clipper collaborator).

In his own words, this is why...

Custom shaving set made by Kim for Thomas Clipper



"There’s something primal about making things.

I say “making things” deliberately because it’s not just limited to woodwork or carpentry,  though that’s my specialism. The ability to simply think of an object and then create it gives me a sense of immense power and freedom.

That's not to say that there aren't any limitations - there are many things that I have no idea how to do or I don't have the tools for - but part of the satisfaction comes from overcoming those limitations. It’s why I tend to design and make things just a little more complicated than they need to be...

In this particular case I have enjoyed turning a piece of rough wood into an intricate, functional and unique box for a Thomas Clipper customer who clearly values craft and design."


Handmade detailing on Kim's first project for Thomas Clipper


"I suppose that the process of making something satisfies my medieval needs in a way that a desk job simply can't.

In a world where universities trump apprenticeships and thinking is seen as more valuable than making, it's nice to remind ourselves that our ability to create hasn't been lost."


Custom work from Thomas Clipper x Kim Jordan can be ordered - Contact Us for more.


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