The Inspiration Behind Country from Thomas Clipper

The Inspiration Behind Country from Thomas Clipper

Country was created as an ode to the British countryside. 

When we briefed our 'nose' (fragrance creator) in Grasse, France, we asked for something that evoked the timber used in our shaving range, the leather used in our wash bags and the fresh air of the great outdoors. Indeed we brought samples of our range of products to Grasse so that the scents we wanted to reflect could be experienced by our team first hand.

We brought samples of our leather goods to the development process in Grasse

That said, Country was never supposed to be an overtly leathery or woody scent. Instead like all of our range we were looking for balance and sophistication. Inspired by, not directly reflecting, the ingredients that make up our range.

Nick Carvell, the journalist and fragrance expert, described the end result in evocative terms:

"Country brings to mind long summer evenings spent with friends away from the hustle and bustle of the big smoke - possibly with a pint of something at a tumbledown pub somewhere. The fragrance is subtle and balanced: vetiver, guaiac and saffron give add smokiness, while sandalwood adds a contrasting powdery effect. Ginger and black pepper bring fresh spiciness to lift the scent."

Country from Thomas Clipper


Creating a scent to evoke something as etherial as the countryside is tough. So it's all the more satisfying when we get customer reviews like this from Dr A Ward:

"Like stepping into a wild English garden at dawn, the morning after a violent storm. The air is crisp and fresh, sharp with the scent of greenery invigorated by the rain and a hint of spicy woodsmoke from the lingering ashes of last night’s warming fire."

Visit the Country product page to learn more and to buy direct from Thomas Clipper.

Country from Thomas Clipper

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