Tips For Taking Care Of Handmade Wooden Shaving Products

Tips For Taking Care Of Handmade Wooden Shaving Products

At Thomas Clipper we make premium handmade shaving products for men who want beautiful design that's built to last.

Richard is our master woodturner and ensures that all of our brushes and bowls are treated for use in your bathroom. But there are still a couple tips that can help you keep your luxury shaving bowl in top condition for years to come.

Richard cutting a new shaving set to size

"Your shave bowl and brush are finished with a hard wearing finish, made from a natural and sustainable blend of oils and waxes.

Whilst the finish is waterproof, we would recommend giving our wooden products a thorough dry after use to ensure they aren’t standing in water and soaked.

The finish should continue to look good for many years but should any of the products begin to look a bit untidy, they can be re-oiled with hardwax oil."

Richard the master woodturner who makes Thomas Clipper handmade shaving goods

So there you have it: within minimal effort you can keep your wooden shaving bowl and handmade shaving brush looking as good as your clean-shaven face. Which is to say, extremely good indeed.

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The Heritage Shave Set from Thomas Clipper

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