What does Atlantic sound like?

What does Atlantic sound like?

Yep, you read that right. As part of our "Behind the Fragrance" series as we lift the lid of designing Atlantic, our latest Thomas Clipper cologne for men, we've got a little surprise for you...

The Northern Boy's design process

What does fragrance sound like?

Well, not exactly answering this question, but in the latest podcast episode we were thrilled to talk to our brilliant guest designer for Atlantic, Rob Turpin, aka This Northern Boy. Rob's brilliant imaging of escapes, islands and new futures and lands has won him a legion of devoted followers, including ourselves!

What does escape sound like?

And so for this podcast, amongst many things we asked "what song reminds you of the beautiful and complex neroli notes of Atlantic?"

Scent profile - Atlantic

Want to listen?

You can! We devised a special Atlantic playlist available on Spotify. So check it out now.

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