Thomas Clipper’s City and Coast colognes - can you blend them together?

What a brilliant question. In short: yes, they blend to create something fantastic.

City and Coast, like all of Thomas Clipper’s colognes, are specially designed to be blended together. Blending - much like layering in women’s fragrance - involves mixing different scents together to create something new and beautiful.

City and Coast cologne for men - perfect for blending together, only from Thomas Clipper

City, with its subtle lavender and tonka notes, takes you to a stylish yet demure urban barbershop. Coast, with clean, mandarin and amber scents evokes more of a refreshing coastal voyage.

The two together? A brilliant party that fuses the best of urbanism with the joys of the seaside. If you’re thinking hip-Margate, you could be thinking worse.

This isn't Margate... but you get the drift.

Coast and City make for a "brilliant party that fuses the best of urbanism with the joys of the seaside."

The blend works because Thomas Clipper have chosen complementary notes: in particular, the heart notes - aka middle notes - are particularly aromatic and these help to gel together the freshness of Coast with the spark and vitality of City.

The amount you spray matters too: the more City, the sweeter, the more Coast, the lighter. Try it up. Mix it up. Become your own cologne mixologist and master your destiny.