What is an 'intense' cologne / aftershave?

What is an 'intense' cologne / aftershave?

What’s the deal with these ‘intense’ aftershaves that are popping up everywhere? Has regular aftershave run to the hills?

Not quite - your usual scents are here to stay, but it's true that many popular and niche perfumers are moving into new territories and concentrating their existing fragrances into ‘intense’ versions, or developing brand new ones to satisfy a taste for more extreme base note heavy scents.

Wearing an intense aftershave versus a regular one doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll suddenly start dressing like a Parisian intellectual or feel a yearning for experimental jazz. So how does ‘intense’ aftershave differ exactly, and why do we need to try it? Can’t you just drench yourself in a bit more of your favourite fragrance?

Not quite. Intense aftershaves are a deeper version of a perfume that uses less volatile components in its recipe to create less floral and more musky, woody scent. Using a deeper profile means that often these scents are more long-lasting fragrance and will see you through the day and long into the night.

Some perfumers are creating ‘re-mixes’ of existing classic scents, amplifying certain base notes and dialling down top notes. Others are creating entirely new fragrances altogether, focussing on a rich and heady experience.

So how does that all fit in with Thomas Clipper? While Mountain - our scent collab with Supermundane - might be considered intense or extreme, we're generally known for our more subtle scents. But all this talk of deeper and headier scent profiles has got us experimenting and we're going to be announcing something really quite exciting in 2023.

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