What Is A Men's Fragrance "Discovery Set"?

What Is A Men's Fragrance "Discovery Set"?

A Discovery Set is a selection of several scents (often the whole range) from a fragrance house in a small volume format. Think small bottles shipped in beautiful packaging at an accessible price point.

Here are three bulletproof reasons why it's a bestseller for so many premium fragrance brands...

1/ Small Batch Men's Scents Are On The Rise (But Hard To Find)

An increasing tribe of men today are searching out unique interesting and boutique fragrances. But these independent scents aren't generally found at the big chains so most people will need to venture online to buy directly.

A Discovery Set allows men to try scents that they otherwise simply wouldn't have access to, rather than committing to a full size bottle based just on the description (also known as a 'blind buy').


2/ Thoughtful Gifting

Most men love receiving scents as a gift, but choosing something unique that he'll actually love is a challenge.

Instead we're increasingly seeing Discovery Sets chosen as gifts, with the promise of an upgrade to the recipient's favourite scent in full size form. Finding the fragrance house in the first place shows a great deal of consideration, but by passing the final decision into his hands you're eliminating the risk from the equation.

Some of our customers also buy a Discovery Set, choose their favourite scent and then buy the full size bottle. This sounds like an awful lot of organisation! But given the fast delivery times on offer across the board these days, I suppose it's only a week from beginning to end and the payoff is a genuinely thoughtful gift.


3/ Travel

It's not rocket science, but having smaller bottles is better for travel. Many people look at a Discovery Set as a way to take all their favourites along with them wherever they go.


So there you have it, the Discovery Set has firmly staked a position in the world of premium men's fragrance as the way in to a new brand. You can give ours a try today right here.

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