What does 'Atlantic' men's fragrance from Thomas Clipper smell like?

What does 'Atlantic' men's fragrance from Thomas Clipper smell like?

Thomas Clipper's 'Atlantic' cologne for men was launched in 2021. It's a fresh summer neroli, with warm tonka and cedarwood base and heart notes bringing masculine balance.

It's tough to describe a scent so we asked some experts to give their take on our newest men's cologne: 


Scent Pyramid For Atlantic Cologne

Capturing the depth and complexity of the Atlantic, neroli notes are the stand-out in this stunning summertime classic.

Top notes:

Lemon, Neroli, Elemi, Cinnamon


Orange Blossom, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Cedarwood


Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Musk

Learn more about scent pyramids and how to use them here.

Reviews Of Atlantic From Thomas Clipper

Awarded one of British GQ's "Best men's aftershaves' 2021 and one of the 'Best Fragrances To Shop' for Father's Day 2021 by Grazia UK.

"...a contemporary and transportive spin on a classic summer citrus scent..."
- British GQ, Best men’s aftershaves and fragrances: the GQ guide, 2021
"This is a really unique and interesting take on a summer citrus scent from British grooming brand Thomas Clipper. Atlantic leads with bright neroli and lemon, but takes a few surprise twists thereafter. There's cedarwood, nutmeg and patchouli in the heart and tonka in the base which dial up the sophistication and the depth.So even if he can't escape to the coast this summer - this easy to wear cologne will transport the wearer on a maritime adventure."

- Grazia UK, Father's Day 2021: The Best Fragrances To Shop Now, 2021

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