What does Thomas Clipper 'Mountain' smell like?

What does Thomas Clipper 'Mountain' smell like?

A Smoky But Refined Men's Aftershave

After a day exploring the peaks, this fragrance prepares you for an evening relaxing into a red wine by a roaring cabin fire. You can experience Mountain in a 50ml men's cologne featuring original design by Supermundane. Our Discovery Set is also a great way to experience all of our fragrances: after all, the only real way to get a handle on whether a particular scent is 'for you' is to wear it.

Thomas Clipper Mountain fragrance for men, vetivert, cabin fire masculine and bold cologne / aftershave made in the UK

What People Are Saying

Below we'll go into detail on the scent profile of Mountain, but before that we thought the best people to describe the scent might be those that have been kind enough to feature and review it. British GQ perhaps put it best when describing Mountain in their 'Best Fragrances For Men' list 2020, where they said Mountain was "a wintery mix of smoky cabin-fire wood and alpine adventure" - read the article here.

In the words of one of our customers identified on his review as 'Redordead':

"Instant autumnal tones that evolve into the warmth of kicked up undergrowth and wood ash. Lasts hours and gently fades."

Read more customer reviews and buy online here

And in the words of blogger The Grey Fox:

"It starts as a pleasant mix of floral and smoke settling into something that is reminiscent of a fine whisky enjoyed in a mountain hut by an aromatic wood fire. That sounds pretentious, I suspect, but try it and you'll see what I mean."

Read the full review here

Inspired by the mountains

Scent Pyramid

Learn more about scent pyramids and how to use them here.

Top : Bergamot Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Cardamom Oil, Cedar Leaf Oil

Heart : Red Thyme, Cabin Fire Accord, Chinese Geranium Oil

Bottom : Indonesian Patchouli Oil, Styrax, Vetiver Java Oil, Leather Accord, Guaiac Wood Oil

Mountain fragrance ingredients

A Collaboration With An Extraordinary Artist

Mountain has a habit of inspiring anyone who is lucky enough to experience the scent. This was the basis of our collaboration with street artist 'Supermundane'. We asked him to explore the scent and how it made him feel, what sensations it evoked. The video below explains more and gives a visual representation of the scent.

The Making Of A Mountain - Supermundane x Thomas Clipper 


Blending With The Other Thomas Clipper Colognes

Mountain is the latest addition to the Unite Cologne Collection, joining the core range of City, Coast and Country. It’s formulated in Grasse in France - the world capital or cologne-making - made in England and designed to be blended on the skin with the existing trinity, as well as being perfect for wearing solo.

Mixing a spray of Mountain with a spray of Country results in a refreshing remix. The alpine cabin fire is replaced by a more subtle smokiness that takes the fragrance from after dark to daytime.

Blending Mountain with Coast is particularly intriguing. The initial half hour allows the bright and fresh notes to shine, but over the next couple hours it evolves into something deeper and smokier.

Blending City and Mountain together on the skin results in a complex and subtle mix of the sophisticated and the elemental - walking a fine line between civilised and roguish.

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