Mountain Candle One "Of The Best Scented Candles For Men" (GRAZIA UK)

Mountain Candle One "Of The Best Scented Candles For Men" (GRAZIA UK)

With Valentine's day fast approaching, the fantastic bunch at GRAZIA have recommended their favourite candles for men. We're delighted to say Thomas Clipper's luxury Mountain candle has made the cut.

GRAZIA recommend Thomas Clipper candles

In their words:

"Scented candles have seen a surge in demand since the first lockdown, and we shouldn't assume it's just women who appreciate a nice-smelling room."



We quite agree, and with our candles featuring natural wax and eco wicks it's not just a better smell you're getting but a cleaner burn. On top of that we've designed our candles so that they burn completely so that the container can be simply reused. GRAZIA UK also value this element, writing:

"It’s also worth saying that candles are the gifts that keep on giving. Once the wax has burned away there are a multitude of ways to up-cycle the jar - plant pot, pen pot, toothbrush holder, mug, tea-light jar and so on."

The full article is worth a read, going into some great detail about the power of the sense of smell that we too often take for granted.

Inspired by the hearth, now brought to life through fire. Our luxury 'Mountain' scented candles are available now.

Thomas Clipper Candles Recommended By GRAZIA UK

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