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Modern Men's Fragrances

Founded in London in 2014, Thomas Clipper is an independent business dedicated to making modern colognes for men. 


Over the years we've launched a sought after range of handmade eau de toilettes and select bathroom essentials.

The Thomas Clipper Team

A Small Team Making Big Waves

Thomas Clipper was founded on three core values. Discovery, craftsmanship and sustainability. Our range of men's colognes and bathroom essentials has been featured worldwide.

Thomas Clipper featured in GQ, Esquire, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Monocle, Wallpaper and beyond


We believe constant exploration is the key to a life well lived. Our colognes have a rich story in the history of fragrance that we share on our blog, and you're encouraged to blend them together, creating your own new scents. Our razors require some practice to perfect your technique and achieve the perfect shave.

When we collaborate we work with artists who have something interesting to say, like tapping the London street artist Supermundane x Mountain or harnessing the incredible creativity of This Northern Boy x Atlantic.

Nothing we create is ordinary: we specialise in the unique and the considered.





There is a story about a watchmaker who always left his signature on the inside of the mechanism, never to be seen again. Our artisans are like that watch maker. Their difference in their work is often invisible, at least to the untrained eye. But as the fragrances you wear continue to stand the test of time, the signature of each expert craftsman comes to the fore.

We find and work with the best craftsmen in the world


Antonio and Matt founded the business with the understanding that there was no point creating a business if it didn't push the world in the right direction. Our products are the opposite of the usual consumer story. They're made with care to be enjoyed as part of a slow, considered life.

Environmental impact is considered at every stage

On top of that, they're made with materials that take the environment seriously. We use 100% organic alcohol in our fragrances, which are vegan friendly (as our our shaving brushes).

Keep discovering

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If this sounds like the sort of story that you want to be a part of, we'd love for you to join us. We try to maintain our independence by communicating through our newsletter (rather than via the major social giants). You can sign up for updates at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for your curiosity in getting this far, and thank you for supporting independent businesses doing things a little differently.