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The Independent reviews our Minimalist Leather Card Holder

What does The Independent think of our Minimalist Leather Card Holder?

They hate it?

No, of course not! They are fantastic - they love it and we love them! With huge thanks to the brilliant team at The Independent, and Adam Turner, for having such good taste to say our Minimalist leather card holder is one of the top 10 best men's wallets.

Thomas Clipper in the Indy


In the Indy's words:

"Thomas Clipper is probably best-known for its high-end aftershaves, but you know what else smells lovely? Leather goods. And they do those too. This premium contrast cardholder was handmade by craftsmen in Modena, Italy, which is where the numbers on the wallet will lead you to, should you be an expert orienteer (goods are embossed with the GPS location for the brand’s leather workshop). It’s as soft as a wet wipe and as stylish as a Ferrari, which is un-ironically made in the same city. Best of all it’ll slip into your pocket as easy as a cold hand. Suited to a city slicker with few cards to carry."

We couldn't have put it better ourselves. Thanks so much!

Find the card holder on our site here.

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