Aftershave Builds Memories Forever

Aftershave Builds Memories Forever

Your favourite bakery. That special someone. Fresh coffee in the morning.

Smells, scents, aroma. They take us to a magical place. They leave us with a memory that never goes away. They enrich our lives.

The French writer Marcel Proust, in his epic seven-part novel 'In Search of Lost Time' published in 1927, beautifully articulated the power of smell to evoke powerful and distant memories. For Proust, the scent of madeleine cakes conjured an overwhelming sense of memory and nostalgia for his life gone by. 

Subsequent researchers and scientists have tested Proust’s theory and and found it to be true. A study at Utrecht University in the Netherlands demonstrated how memory recall was enhanced when cassis was pumped into a room showing footage to participants.

This makes complete sense: we know what we smell and how we smell is one of the incredible human experiences.

And that’s why we believe your scent, your cologne, is so important. It's not only a ritual that helps you relax. It's part of what your loved ones miss when you're away. It’s part of what people think of, when they think of you. It’s part of who you are. It represents you. 

Your cologne matters. It will help you remember, and it will help you be remembered.


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