Introducing Terra Firma on Kickstarter

Introducing Terra Firma on Kickstarter

Discover why Thomas Clipper has chosen Kickstarter, the renowned crowdfunding website, to launch our extraordinary seventh scent.

Visit the project here or learn more below...

Thomas Clipper Terra Firma

What Is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is the preeminent crowdfunding platform and has revolutionised the way entrepreneurs bring their creative projects to life.

Crowdfunding is a way for customers to pre-order products they love at a discounted price, directly supporting the creators and helping bring their ideas to life. By participating, customers become early backers and get exclusive access to exciting new products before they hit the market.

Thomas Clipper has had several successful projects on the website already, from our very first razor project to more recent scent releases like Atlantic and Mountain. Terra Firma will be our 6th Kickstarter to date, you can visit the project page here.

Our previous projects on Kickstarter

The All or Nothing Model

More than just a regular pre-order, at the heart of Kickstarter lies the "all or nothing" model.

This means that a project must reach its funding goal within a specified timeframe - in our case just a couple weeks - or no funds are collected. In other words, it's up to you if Terra Firma gets made or not. Find out how we're doing at the project page here.



Kickstarter provides a level playing field, allowing Thomas Clipper to reach a wider audience and connect directly with supporters who appreciate craftsmanship and authenticity. It offers a unique opportunity for the brand to engage with a community that shares their passion for remarkable scents and sustainable production.

Kickstarter also offers customers like you the chance to secure exclusive access to Terra Firma at special Kickstarter prices, but they also become part of a community that champions independent brands and celebrates the artistry and innovation behind their creations.

Also of note is the format: creators like Antonio and Matt, the co-founders of Thomas Clipper, speak directly to you - the customers - in an impassioned video explaining why Terra Firma is worth your time. You can watch the video here.

Matt and Antonio filming their video for Kickstarter

When Can You Back The Project?

Terra Firma launches on Kickstarter on Thursday the 15th of June - visit the campaign here to check in and to back the project.

The campaign will run until midnight on the 2nd of July, giving you just a short window to back this project and be among the first to experience Terra Firma.

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