Kickstarter Update - Add-Ons Available

Kickstarter Update - Add-Ons Available

When you back a Kickstarter the main advantage is that you're getting our products first at special 'launch' pricing, and that you're directly supporting us in the production of something new - in this case our amazing new men's cologne, Atlantic.

'Add-Ons' give us an opportunity to give you an even better deal.

You can add Thomas Clipper fragrances to your pledge at discounted prices and you will pay no additional shipping charge (because, as you'd expect, we'll just pop them in with your parcel). Brilliant!

I've not backed: how do I 'add-on'?

'Add-ons' are visible right after you select your pledge level.

Choose between fantastic Thomas Clipper fragrances 

I have backed, can I still 'add-on'?

Absolutely! There are three simple steps to follow:

1. Get on Kickstarter

Visit  the Atlantic Kickstarter page (make sure you're logged in to Kickstarter) and select the Manage My Pledge option at the top of the page.

Manage My Pledge

2. Select 'Change My Pledge'

Scroll down and select Change My Pledge. Don't worry, despite the name you don't actually have to change your pledge and you won't lose any special 'early' offers.


Change Your Pledge

3. Add Your Add-Ons!

Keep your existing pledge selected and hit the green button to visit the Add-Ons screen where you can add a host of fantastic Thomas Clipper products.

Select the same reward


What Add-Ons Are Available?

As you'll see when you log in, there are a host of brilliant add-ons available. All of our 50ml fragrances can be selected at some fantastic Kickstarter only pricing and you can also get your hands on our Discovery Set and a 2ml vial of Atlantic for travel use.

A fantastic excuse to get Atlantic first, to support our campaign and to stock up on some of our classics. Enjoy!


Any questions at all don't hesitate to get in touch with me directly -


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