Launching a men's fragrance into space - Polaris' journey

Launching a men's fragrance into space - Polaris' journey

Is this for real? Yes, we certainly did launch our latest - and arguably greatest - cologne, Polaris into space.

Why? In all honesty, to explore the boundaries of what was possible for us. We've always tried to be innovative - we created the world's first men's blending cologne set - and stretch ourselves. So when we decided that our latest scent would be inspired by the North Star, Polaris, we wondered if this was even possible. When we realised that Thomas Clipper, a British fragrance house, could do so using the amazing capabilities of the British space sector, it became a no-brainer.


How did we do it? We teamed up with our friends Andy and Cameron at AltaRange, a British space launch company. We discussed the options and agreed we wanted to test the viability of sending a cologne into the upper atmosphere (we'll need colognes on Mars...) whilst doing so in a responsible and safe way. So this meant using an advanced weather balloon system which could retrieve the payload on landing.


Where did it go? Well it launched from Thornhill in Scotland, reached heights of around 30,000m before descending down on the east coast of Scotland: Cocksburnpath. If you want to check out the GPS coordinates (which are engraved on our Heritage Bowl, you may recall!), it's at: 55.900540, -2.417450


You can get Polaris delivered direct from space (or our warehouse... likely our warehouse) to your door. Polaris is available online right here.

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