Where to apply men's cologne

Where to apply men's cologne

At some point in every man's life he'll ask himself 'where should I apply my aftershave'.

The good news? You're probably already getting it right...

At least, that's what the editor of The Jackal (and self confessed fragrance obsessive) Nick Carvell told us when we caught up with him about our new range of blending colognes for men.



In short, you should follow the following three simple rules to apply your favourite men's cologne:

1) Apply a little to begin with, then adapt as appropriate: every fragrance is different, but Thomas Clipper colognes are longer lasting than most Eau De Toilettes or Colognes - so start slow.

2) Choose areas where your skin is warm: as Nick explains this is very often on the wrists or on the neck, which also gives you the opportunity to choose one fragrance for your neck, and another on the wrists. Which leads us on to...

3) Make sure to mix it up: blending or layering two colognes on top of each other is the best way to your own completely personal 'signature scent'.

Learn more about how to blend your own cologne every morning here.

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