What does Terra Firma by Thomas Clipper smell like?

What does Terra Firma by Thomas Clipper smell like?

In a world filled with fleeting trends and generic fragrances, Thomas Clipper presents Terra Firma—a unique masculine marine scent.

A fresh and invigorating journey from the aquatic to the green, Terra Firma evokes the confidence and achievement of dry land after a long voyage. Here's how British GQ describe the scent profile of Terra Firma:


"Made with 100 percent organic alcohol, it opens with a fruity zing of elemi, pink pepper and hints of pineapple and pear; vibrant, energetic and full of vitality. The next act showcases aquatic heart notes balanced by lavandin, black pepper and clary sage, before drifting into a lingering and comforting base of tonka bean, amber, moss, woody notes and musk.

An artisanal, marine/green eau de toilette that is versatile and full of refined and timeless elegance."

British GQ

"You will not regret adding Terra Firma to your toolkit."

Mark, customer

Tera Firma From Thomas Clipper

The Scent Pyramid

Terra Firma opens with a burst of freshness, combining top notes of pink pepper, elemi, with subtle and invigorating pineapple, and a hint of pear. These vibrant elements create a captivating blend that exudes energy and vitality.

As the scent evolves, the heart notes of lavandin, marine notes, black pepper, and clary sage come to life. This fusion adds depth and sophistication while building the aquatic heart of the fragrance.

The scent culminates in base notes of tonka beans, moss, woody amber, and musk, leaving a lingering dry-down that is both comforting and captivating.

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What Sets Terra Firma Apart

Terra Firma shows that fantastic artisanal scents can also be versatile and accessible. It's something you can wear with pride day in, day out.

And part of wearing anything we make with pride comes from knowing that Thomas Clipper commitment to exceptional quality and sustainability. Handcrafted in the UK and developed in Grasse, the fragrance capital of the world, Terra Firma embodies the finest traditions of British and French perfumery.

As with all of Thomas Clipper's fragrances it's being brought to life with the help of the brand's loyal customers through a crowdfunding process on the Kickstarter website. But unlike previous scents, this is the first to use generative AI to help with the naming, design and marketing of the scent.


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