Aftershave For Men





Making An Icon

French Developed, UK Made

100% vegan, 100% organic alcohol, 100% fantastic

Coming 18th August, online and in retailers worldwide

Bold. Original. Passionate.

“ At Thomas Clipper, we’re passionate about men who live bold, original lives. That’s why for this limited edition fragrance, we collaborated with London design icon Supermundane.

He’s somebody that doesn’t follow the rules: that’s important to us.”

Stuart, Creative Director at Thomas Clipper

Inspired By The Wild

Supermundane’s design features confident lines and shapes, inspired by the fragrance's bold notes of smokey cabin fire wood and telling a story of alpine adventure.

Vetiver, guaiac and cedarwood provide a complex and masculine smokey base.

This is complemented by lighter bergamot and aromatic spices, providing freshness and balance.

After a day exploring the peaks, Mountain prepares you for an evening relaxing into a glass of mulled wine by a roaring cabin fire.

Keep Discovering

Mountain is designed to blend on the skin with City, Coast and Country, the other Thomas Clipper fragrances in the UNITE Cologne Collection - a range of premium men's colognes designed to be blended by you.

This lets every man celebrate creativity by creating his own signature scent to suit the occasion, season, snowfall or altitude.