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  • GQ recommends Thomas Clipper for one of the best shaves of 2020

    GQ describes our Anniversary Oak Shaving Set as "a one-stop shop to experiencing the ultimate at-home wet shave and is aesthetically very pleasing".
  • Is A Safety Razor Better?

    More precise, cleaner and better for sensitive skin - and that's before we mention the plastic saved in our all metal razors. In short safety razor shaving is better: here's why.
  • Slowing Down - Thomas Clipper meets Carl Honore

    Tis the season of fast: fast deals on the heels fast approaching holidays. We don't know about you, but it can sometimes feel a bit much... Thankfu...
  • Shaving A Beard

    Movember is approaching. But how do you shave a beard or thick stubble? The answer is simpler than you think...
  • 5 Steps For A Perfect Shave

    A double edge safety razor is the best way to get a barber shop shave at home. In this post, Matt (one of the co-founders of Thomas Clipper) gives ...
  • "It’s been a revelation" - Ernest Journal Reviews The Mark K Razor

    The fantastic Ernest Journal has penned a ringing endorsement of the benefits of double edge shaving in general and our flagship Mark K razor in particular.