The Best Alcohol Inspired Colognes feat. Kingdom | Penhaligan’s | Akro

The Best Alcohol Inspired Colognes feat. Kingdom | Penhaligan’s | Akro

If there’s one cliche that’s pretty bang-on about us Brits it’s that we have the best pubs in the world. And if you don’t know what that’s got to do with fantastic men’s colognes, fear not: we’re here to explain.

Pub culture is ingrained in British society and that ranges from idyllic country pubs with roaring log fires to gaudy Victorian gin palaces in the capital.

Unsurprisingly alcohol is a theme that works well in British niche colognes, adding an element of ‘edge’ and conviviality. Perfect for the bon viveur.

Here’s our selection of the top three British scents inspired fine spirits: but don’t worry, you won’t be dousing yourself in booze. Even better, we’ve put together a recommendation for each for where you might want to enjoy them…

Akro - Malt

The scent: from master perfumer Olivier Cresp comes Akro - a London brand that celebrates our vices (from chocolate to sex - and everything in between…). Malt is a very realistic boozy scent that has notes of whisky, rum and leather. For sinners everywhere…

The Place: Bar Swift - Another Soho London institution with over 300 whiskies from around the world.

Where to get it: Available direct from Akro in 100ml format for $185 - their US website is at this link



Penhaligon’s - Juniper Sling

The scent: A sophisticated, cocktail from Penhaligon’s - a brand dating back to the late 19th century that made fragrances for royalty and nobility - and still does. Juniper Sling celebrates the British imperial classic ‘The Singapore Sling’, using juniper berries, angelica, pepper and spices.

The place: The London Gin Club - In heart of London’s Soho, with over 100 gins and home to the popular ‘Gin tasting flight experience’. Ask for a Singapore Sling to perfectly match place and scent.

Where to get it: one of the larger British artisan brands, Juniper Sling is $215 for 100ml at time of writing and ships to the USA direct from the Penhaligon’s website

Kingdom - Metamorphic

The scent: if we’re talking whisky, we’ve got to include this incredible Scottish brand even though it’s not shipping to the USA (yet…). Metamorphic is a gorgeous peppery, complex cologne from Kingdom, the first Scottish fragrance house. Smoky, dark and a rich accord of Ilay malt whisky. The nose spent another lifetime in the world of fine Scottish malts, and it shows here with a scent that demonstrates subtly and poise.

The place: The Piper Bar, Glasgow - Scottish ‘tapas’ and whisky from every Scottish distillery worth its salt. Not to be missed.

How do I get it: Kingdom plans imminent US expansion, but is UK only for now. Subscribe to our newsletter, we’ll let you know when they hit the USA.

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