The Best British Woody Cologne feat. Ostens | Medeau | Thomas Clipper

The Best British Woody Cologne feat. Ostens | Medeau | Thomas Clipper

It’s difficult to find a men’s cologne that doesn’t contain at least one woody accord. It’s one of the main fragrance families and is a mainstay of some fine British indie scents.

Here are a few we think you should check out...

Ostens - Cedarwood Heart

Country rambles: Cedarwood Heart is the result of the Ostens’ founders giving some of the world’s best perfumers free rein to create a fragrance based on a single note. Supporting the cedarwood is orris and patchouli and the overall effect is like wearing your favourite dinner jacket that still has the slight whiff of whisky, tobacco and good times. This one is grown-up, elegant and sophisticated.

Get it: available for $245 direct from the brand


Thomas Clipper - Country

Country rambles: Handmade in Britain (but developed in Grasse, France) ‘Country’ is the smell of a relaxing walk that (hopefully) ends up in a fine country pub with a few too many local ales. Guaiac wood and vetiver give it a rich smokiness, while sandalwood bring some powdery blonde wood balance.

Note that Thomas Clipper funds and hosts The Albionist, but that journalists are free to recommend whichever fragrances they choose. We do ask they're not mean about us. Beyond that, free reign! 

Get it: available direct from the brand’s US warehouse, Country retails at $109


Medeau - Cedar Noir

Country ramble: Medeau are a new British brand with a focus on vegan ingredients and sustainability. Cedar Noir is perhaps the one from the collection that is most suited to men. It takes cedar and adds in a molecular accord of black pepper, bergamot and geranium. The result is cool, sexy and a fragrance that is sure to get compliments.

Get it: currently unavailable in the UK, but we’ve asked the brand when it should be arriving on our shores… watch this space and remember to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on new launches in the USA.

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