The Best Minimalist Colognes feat. Perfumer H | Tom Daxon | Thomas Clipper

The Best Minimalist Colognes feat. Perfumer H | Tom Daxon | Thomas Clipper

Not everything is about fancy branding, packaging and logos that shout louder than a politician with a megaphone. There’s a real movement in indie colognes in the UK towards a simpler aesthetic.

Clean lines, functional design and bottles that lets the contents do the talking. And in the best examples, the clean and simple fragrances inside follow suit.

Here’s a few that caught our attention (with a quiet whisper in our ears…).

Perfumer H - Ink

Why we love it: Perfumer H is the latest venture from Miller Harris founder, perfumer Lyn Harris. There’s a workshop and shop space in London’s Marylebone district as well as a store in Paris. Lyn releases a new seasonal collection twice a year and the emphasis is on beautiful minimal design and very high quality ingredients from one of Britain’s premier perfumers. It’s hard to pick just one out, but we suggest a good starter is ‘Ink’, which gives the impression of time spent in dusty libraries using dark blue fountain pen ink on white paper.

Where to wear it: The British Library in London wouldn’t be a bad start

Get it: currently Perfumer H ship to the USA but at a fairly punchy premium - you’re looking at £396 for a hand blown bottle at today’s pricing on their website (although they have a great refill program which will set you back less than half that cost)



Thomas Clipper - Coast

Why we love it: an independent London fragrance team of three, Thomas Clipper has gained a cult following since launch in 2016. Coast is probably the scent that best matches this understated clean look. It’s a fresh, zesty cologne inspired by the tree-lined shores of North Norfolk, England and the sheer cliffs near Grasse, France where the scent was developed.

The opening is as sunny and salty as a sea shanty, but is built to last with a rich musky, woody base. The packaging is just as pin-sharp and crisp. Elegant, pared-down and ‘just so’. Spritz ‘Coast’ then head off on a brisk coastal walk for maximum effect.

Note that Thomas Clipper funds and hosts The Albionist, but that journalists are free to recommend whichever fragrances they choose. We do ask they're not mean about us. Beyond that, free reign! 

Where to wear it: Wells-next-the-Sea on the North Norfolk coast, famous for its long stretching beaches and quaint (if eye-wateringly expensive) Victorian beach huts

Get it: Thomas Clipper ships free to the USA from a dedicated US warehouse, so no worries about tax / duty to pay on arrival. A bottle of Coast is currently available for $129 inc. delivery.

Tom Daxon - Laconia

Why we love it: Tom Daxon is a British brand that doesn’t shout about its fine colognes - but it should. Available in high end department stores like Liberty, but still feels like a well kept secret. A very chic, clean look - but all done with deliberate care and attention. Laconia is inspired by a Greek vacation Tom took and is one of the finest lemon fragrances we’ve ever smelled! Aquatic greens, mint, violet leaf and juicy lemon. As refreshing and quenching as a cool glass of lemonade.

Where to wear it: Available in Liberty London - an historic department store in central London:

Get it: Available in 50ml format for $180 w free delivery at time of writing direct from Tom Daxon

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