How To Choose Your Next Men's Fragrance (hint: you're doing it wrong)

How To Choose Your Next Men's Fragrance (hint: you're doing it wrong)

Choosing your next men's scent can be daunting. But with a few simple tips we believe it can be one of life's pleasures.

1/ Moderation is Key

When it comes to testing fragrances, less is more. Limit yourself to sampling 3, maybe 4 scents in one go.

Bombarding your senses with too many options will muddle your olfactory judgment. Sure, you might be able to pick out that fragrance six was musky and fragrance seven had a woody vibe. But your ability to choose a preference goes out of the window after scent three or four. Your favourite after a long session is unlikely to remain in the top slot after the dust settles.

The key is to try a few scents one day, then try a few more the next. Note your favourites from each session and when you're ready go head to head with a top two or three.

2/ Wear it Like You Mean it

Sampling scents isn't a paper exercise—quite literally. Dabbing them on a strip of paper is like judging a meal by an Instagram photo.

Instead, apply the fragrance on your skin and/or clothes, wherever you'll actually wear scents.

This is another reason to stick to 3 or 4 scents max as you'll soon find them blending naturally on your skin and clothes. But in some cases, this is no bad thing (see tip 3...).

Be patient between scents and always wait for the dry down. A fragrance's true character, its middle and base notes, emerge over time, offering the full narrative of the scent's journey.

3/ Embrace the Alchemy

Finding it tough to pick between two top contenders? Mix them. Layering scents can be a revelation, creating a bespoke blend that's uniquely yours.

It's an adventurous path that might lead to a personal signature no one else can claim—three distinct experiences from two bottles.

Bonus Extra Tip: Choose Joy

Above all, seek out joy.

A scent that delights you is a scent that's right for you. Forget the fragrance pyramid or the latest trends. Trust your own nose.

If it sparks a sense of bliss each time you catch a whiff, that's the one. After all, the pursuit of fragrance is the pursuit of happiness. Enjoy the journey.

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